2 in 1 Recipe – Roasted Chicken Based Fried Rice and Kimchi Fried Rice

Ingredient List
Roasted Chicken Based Fried Rice
1-2 tablespoons of Better Than Bouillon Roasted Chicken Base
2-4 cups of Jasmine Rice
For every cup of rice add 1 ½ cups of water
1-2 Carrots chopped
1 handful of Enoki Mushroom
Soy Sauce
Grapeseed, Sesame, or Coconut Oil
Kimchi Fried Rice with Sauteed Greens
Leftovers of Roasted Chicken Based Fried Rice
Chopped Greens (cook’s preference)
Grapeseed, Sesame, or Coconut Oil
Roasted Sesame Seeds (optional)
Egg Yolk (optional)

Kimchi Fried Rice with Sauteed Greens 2My family went to Costco and we picked up a product called Roasted Chicken Base.  The following week I went to the local Asian Market and bought some good quality kimchi.  During that same week, there was a night I made white rice and added the roasted chicken base.  The rice tasted SO good. Jeff, my husband, then took the same rice and made fried rice by adding some oil, carrots, and enoki mushrooms.  The next day, I took his leftover fried rice added kimchi, sauteed broccoli leaves/stems, and a runny egg yolk.  The combination of all these ingredients was so delicious!  What a comforting flavor bomb in your mouth.  So, here’s you make it.

For the Fried Rice use a rice cooker, or cooking pot, and follow the cooking instructions on the back of the package of JASMINE RICE (or any white rice of your choice):


  • After you add the WATER, put in spoonfuls of the ROASTED CHICKEN BASE and mix
  • While the rice is cooking chop up CARROTS

Once the rice is done cooking take out a frying pan and add GRAPESEED, SESAME, or COCONUT OIL to cover the bottom of the pan and bring it to a high heat:

  • Gently add in the white rice and then carrots
  • Mix all of the ingredients together
  • Right before you turn off the heat add the ENOKI MUSHROOMS and mix gently
    • Enoki mushrooms are very thin and do not require long to cook through
  • Then add SOY SAUCE and mix again

Serve and enjoy.

For the next day, make Kimchi Fried Rice by heating up a flat pan with GRAPESEED, SESAME, or COCONUT OIL:

  • Add as much KIMCHI as you want
  • Then add GREENS
    • Greens can be spinach, kale, cabbage, collard…any green that you like
    • I used roughly chopped broccoli leaves/stems (the kind that look more like large spinach)
  • Mix ingredients
  • Finally, add the leftover FRIED RICE and cook until the rice is hot

Add ROASTED SESAME SEEDS and an EGG YOLK if you like. Serve immediately and enjoy!!


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