Confession 1 – A Conversation with My Earth Angel

In this lifetime I have met many earth angels, but the most important one has been my mother.  She adopted me from Seoul, Korea when I was 3 years old and has always been my biggest advocate and supporter. However, she has always parented as mother first then friend.  Any ways, I had a conversation with her today and we were talking about people who go around and share their personal experiences that had made profound changes in their lives.  How their messages are motivational and inspiring; not just some “pity-party gathering”.  I asked my mom, “You know how I am doing this Tree House Cooking thing? Do you think anyone would care to read my experiences that have helped me in life?  So far my blogs have been pretty light and happy [like my Facebook page].”  She said, “Yes, you should.  You would be able to share how others have taught and influenced you. Some people may find it interesting.”  I responded, “Yeah.  I guess it would be good to reveal some of my…hmm…harder times so that people know that my relationship with food is more than just eating well.”  She said, “Go for it.  Just do it.”

So, I’ve decided to embrace one of the dream interpretations for Tree House (mentioned in my first blog “What Am I Doing?”), which is personal space.  Every now and then I am going to share a story that isn’t light; it’s dark.  However, they do end up going back to light because of the people and events that have guided me to make healthier decisions.  I often find that if I didn’t figure out the life lesson the first, second, or third time it continues to comes back just in a different form.

I am nervous and afraid to reveal these memories, but, if anything, I hope it may motivate and inspire someone (even if it is just one as cliche as that sounds).  I hope to get the nerve to share my memories with bullying, feeling out of my place as an adopted child, dealing with stereotypes, racism and other forms of harassment, letting go of toxic people, finding self-confidence, ending self-abuse, and finding peace and forgiveness while in complete survival mode.  What I do not plan is to change the majority of my blogs to personal stories like these, but somehow each event has led me to Tree House Cooking and the future projects I have for it.  Again, I hope you will take this cooking journey with me because, eventually, it will be more than just recipes. That’s all for this confession.



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