A Spoonful of Self Control

This recipe was made in an act of desperation for something sweet and chocolatey after watching a pastry competition show on Netflix.  I purposely don’t buy certain snack foods on the regular because I know myself.  I have no restraint and will eat all the junk food and snacks in one sitting, or close to it.  I’ll even go as far and reason, “Well…if I eat the whole bag now then I won’t have to worry about that whole bag for the rest of the week.” So, I do 3 things to leaven my sweet tooth.

  • Purchase less refined sugars and baking ingredients, such as raw honey, Stevia (another plant-based sugar), unsweetened cocoa, coconut flakes, real fruit, etc.
  • Save processed junk food, snacks, and desserts for special occasions, days when we go out to restaurants, fun attractions (i.e. Disneyland, Zoo, Festivals) and long road trips (McDonald’s vanilla ice cream tastes so much better on long road trips!).
  • When I go grocery shopping, I walk down the ice cream aisle, stare at all the ice creams, and imagine what all those flavors taste like and then I move on with my life. Ha! This is REAL.  I do this every time and it works.  I get to enjoy the tastes in my head while not having to gain the unwanted weight and bloating in my hips, stomach, thighs…you get the idea.

So, after watching that pastry competition show on Netflix I really wanted chocolate and knew I would have to make it.  I had 3 ingredients in my cupboard and made a chocolate pudding and fudge.  It is easy.  It’s consistency changes with the temperature. So, if you leave this in the freezer it will harden like a fudge and as the temperatures warms up the chocolate concoction becomes like a pudding.  Add some frozen fruit and you’ve got a yummy, satisfying, light, and satiating sweet dessert.

Frozen Fruit Yogurt with 2 in 1 Chocolate Pudding/Fudge

Ingredient List

1 cup of Frozen Fruit
1 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt
1 cup of Water
2 in 1 Chocolate Pudding Fudge*

Using a blender:

    • Frozen raspberries and pineapple are in the photos
  • Blend all of these ingredients together until smooth
    • Pour into a container and freeze overnight
  • Before setting up to serve let the frozen fruit yogurt thaw for at least 20 minutes
  • Click here for the 2 in 1 CHOCOLATE PUDDING/FUDGE recipe

2 in 1 Chocolate Pudding and Fudge 2

To serve – get creative!

  • You can start with a layer of the chocolate pudding/fudge and then add frozen fruit yogurt on top in a spoon or in a clear glass cup.
  • Take a bowl and fill it up with as much frozen fruit yogurt and chocolate your heart craves or just simply eat it all up out of the containers.

Frozen Fruit Yogurt with Chocolate Pudding and Fudge 2Have fun and enjoy!


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