My name is Jessica Stephens. I love to eat and cook. Growing up in the kitchen, learning grandma’s recipes, and then going to culinary school are not my experiences. No, I grew up doing other things, but it seems life’s journey has brought me here; to Tree House Cooking. My goal, the big vision, for Tree House Cooking is to provide creative, delicious, and nutritious recipes that promote mindful mealtimes and healthy relationships.

Like many of us, we have plenty of stories to share as to how we got to where we are. I would like to reveal my stories with you as Tree House Cooking grows. Perhaps, we’ll be able to relate to each other and we can talk about it.  Maybe not and we can talk about that, too! This project is just getting started so who knows where it will lead to, but for now we’ll start here.

The Roots of Tree House Cooking
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