My name is Jessica Stephens. I love to eat and cook. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  I was adopted at age 3 and have enjoyed living and traveling in Arizona, Japan, and New Mexico since I follow my husband’s military career.  I enjoy traveling, playing and cooking with our son (Rayden), drawing, writing, reading, and dancing.

The big goal for Tree House Cooking is to spread mind-full mealtimes and build healthy relationships through story-cookbooks. Like many of us, we have plenty of stories to share. I would like to reveal my stories and share tasty home-cooked recipes with you as Tree House Cooking grows.

The Roots of Tree House Cooking

  • Love – To build and nurture relationships
  • Creativity – For freedom of expression and imagination
  • Health – To enjoy living and naturally embrace good food
  • Flavors – Open up to the diversity of foods
  • Peace – To reach out beyond the kitchen and help the world

For now, I am starting with recipe pages and a cooking journal (blog), but as time goes by it will expand. The Cooking Journal shares:

  • Recipe Blog – These are the memories, people, and flavors that influence my home cooking
  • Cooking with Rayden – In 2016, my husband and I were gifted with Rayden.  He has been my “sous chef” since he was 4 months old.  Rayden is often complemented by how well he eats.  We are more than happy to share how we cook in the kitchen and which recipes and ways of eating are the best for getting good food in our bodies.  Perhaps, some of our recipes, tips, and tricks will work for you, too!
  • The Makings of Story Cookbooks – Here are share sketches and concepts in progress for the numerous of story cookbook ideas I have.  I hope every single book gets published and shared in kitchens, homes, and communities all over the world!
  • Confessions – These stories are far and few between. Here I share my vulnerabilities, discoveries, and lessons when facing challenges for being adopted, discriminated, self-abusive, a military spouse, motherhood, heart broken, toxic relationships, and being in complete survival mode.  I hope to inspire someone, or many, to not give up on themselves and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Perhaps, we’ll be able to relate to each other and we can talk about it.  Maybe not and we can talk about that, too! Feel free to send a message if you have questions about Tree House Cooking.  Follow on Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you for joining me here, for your support, feedback, and watching the progress of Tree House Cooking. It means so much to me – you have no idea. Peace!