About Tree House Cooking

Website Header ImageTree House Cooking provides story cookbooks (coming soon) and home cooking recipes to spread mindful mealtimes and healthy relationships. We hope our products and services help families and communities build lasting memories through stories, art, and cooking.

Jessica L.P. Stephens created Tree House Cooking in 2017 after conceiving an idea that would bring her passion for community activities, healthy family relationships, delicious  food, and art together.  Her story cookbooks and recipes are inspired from many years of watching food/travel shows, motherhood, a former career in marketing/customer service/event planning, and her love for creative arts.  Today, she follows her husband’s military career while they raise their son, Rayden, and German Shepherd, Zelda, together.

The Roots of Tree House Cooking

  • Love – To build and nurture relationships
  • Creativity – For freedom of expression and imagination
  • Health – To enjoy living and naturally embrace good food
  • Flavors – Open up to the diversity of foods
  • Peace – To reach out beyond the kitchen and help the world

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