New Potatoes with Sage Butter and Nutritional Yeast


Ingredient List
3-4 tablespoons of Unsalted Butter
Dry Parsley for garnish
1-2 sprigs of Fresh Sage
2 dozen mini New Potatoes
Nutritional Yeast

If someone were to come up to me and ask, “Would you like chocolate cake or french fries for dessert?”  I would pick french fries.  Potatoes and I are like best friends.  I love them.  They’re soft, starchy, salty, buttery, comforting, filling, and make me so happy.

This one time I was watching a cooking show on Netflix that was about a caterer who does Southern comfort food for large parties on her large ranch.  The show itself didn’t keep my attention, but I did overhear one of the people in the show say something about sage butter mashed potatoes.  That caught my attention because I didn’t cook with sage.  In fact, when I think of sage I see a hooded mystic wafting  burnt sage in the air to drive evil spirits away or clear away negative energy. So, I went to the grocery store and got some sage.  While at the store, I was looking through the baking section and came across nutritional yeast. Yet, another ingredient I was not familiar with.  In fact, the word “yeast” made me cringe at first.  I actually said aloud, “Who would eat that?!” After reading the information on the back of package I thought, “I would eat that.”  So, into the cart it went.

This is my first recipe using sage and nutritional yeast.  It is yummy!  The nutritional yeast reminds me of parmesan cheese and it’s lightly flaky.  I love how the sage gets crispy from soaking in the butter and gives a nice crunch to the dish.  Give it a try.  My son, Rayden, loves this dish, too!

To prepare the potatoes:

  • Slice NEW POTATOES in half
  • Take a pot and fill it up with water
  • Bring the water to a boil and put in the new potatoes
  • Lower the heat to medium and let the new potatoes soften for 18-20 minutes
    • This step is done to assure the potatoes will be fully cooked and soft in the center before serving

While the new potatoes soften in the pot:

  • Setup UNSALTED BUTTER and pull apart the sprig(s) of SAGE
    • Sage has a very strong aroma so you do not need a lot to taste it in this dish and to avoid it from becoming too overwhelming. So, no more than 2 sprigs.

Once the new potatoes are done drain the water out using a colander.

  • Take a saute pan or skillet and bring to a high heat and add the butter
  • Lower the heat to medium high and drop in the sageNew Potatoes with Sage Butter 2
  • Let the butter completely melt and mix the sage around
  • Then add the new potatoes and let them get a little brown or crispy on the edges (about 4-5 minutes)
  • Turn off the heat and taste test to see how much SALT to add
  • Pour all of the ingredients into a serving plate or bowl and lightly cover with NUTRITIONAL YEAST and garnish with DRIED PARSLEY
    • Nutritional Yeast is added to this dish not just for its nutritional qualities, but for its good flavor



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