What To Do When That Sweet Hot Mustard is Calling Your Name

There was a full jar of sweet hot mustard staring at me from the corner of my kitchen table.  The jar came from one of those large gift box holiday sets filled with varieties of artisan cheeses, sausages, and mustard.  My husband, Jeff, and I enjoyed the different types of hot mustard, but avoided the…

You Need to Watch “Chef and My Fridge” on Netflix

My mother likes to ship me boxes of goodies, or care packages, since she knows my family is away from home and some things are not easily accessible when living in military installations. She often stuffs the boxes with toys, clothes, and snacks to spoil her grandson, Rayden.   Candy and gift cards for my…


Our dinner came within 10 minutes and the bowl of ramen that was gifted to me was LARGE, hot, steaming, and so inviting.  Put your face close enough to the bowl and it would have been the most delicious and relaxing facial that you could buy at any spa.  A rich, salty, and oily broth coated every strand of ramen noodle, with a bundle of shredded onions, chopped  and softened cabbage, steamed bean sprouts, a few mushrooms, and thin cuts of marinated meat laying on top. I took my chopsticks and nestled them right in the center of this edible tranquil bath and lifted my first bite of Japanese ramen into my salivating mouth.

A Bowl of Kindness

One morning I didn’t have eggs in the refrigerator and I was really in the mood for a skillet.  I grew up eating skillets and my favorite combination is the vegetable skillet with breakfast potatoes, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers that are topped with melted cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs.  I eat this with…

Simple Bread with Coconut Oil and Raw Honey

This is a fun recipe to make with your kids, too.  My son, Rayden, who is almost 2 years old, will sit on the kitchen counter and watch me pour in the flour, mix all the wet ingredients together, and then when it is time to knead I’ll hand him a small piece of dough and let him play with it.  Rayden will often try to eat it after he is done playing with it, but, honestly, I’m not worried.  There aren’t any eggs in this recipe or an ingredient that may seem questionable when eaten raw.  Plus, I just love watching him explore and fill his curiosity by playing with foods.  So fun and memorable!  Go ahead and try this simple bread recipe and follow my friend’s, Dor, blog.  I love her perspective on finding quality ingredients to make good food.