Simple Bread

Ingredient List
4 cups of All Purpose Flour
4 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
2 teaspoons of Dry Active Yeast
4 tablespoons of Raw Honey
1 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt
1 cup of Warm Water
Side: a coffee cup of Room Temperature Water
Side: 1 cup of reserved All Purpose Flour

Prepare the wet and dry ingredients:

  • Take a small bowl and fill with 1 cup of WARM WATER and DRY ACTIVE YEAST
  • Mix the yeast and water together and let sit for at least 5 minutes
  • Take another small bowl and pour in COCONUT OIL, RAW HONEY, and HIMALAYAN PINK SALT
  • Mix the ingredients together
  • Take a large mixing bowl and fill with ALL PURPOSE FLOUR

Mix the wet and dry ingredients together

  • Gently pour the ingredients from the two smaller bowls into the large mixing bowl
  • Use a spatula, or your hands, to mix the ingredients together
  • Once the wet ingredients have mixed with the flour you will add a tablespoon of the ROOM TEMPERATURE water and mix until all the powdery flour becomes a doughy consistency.
  • Continue to add 1 tablespoon of water at a time and then mix until you reach the doughy consistency
    • The dough will be a bit wet, but able to hold itself together

Get ready for your first round (out of 2) of kneading:

  • Use a handful of the RESERVED FLOUR and spread over a flat clean surface
  • Place the bread dough on top of the flour and knead
  • You will knead the dough until it is no longer a wet dough – in other words, it should not be sticking to your fingers
    • If the dough is too wet add a small handful of the RESERVED FLOUR on the wet spot and knead to incorporate the flour
  • You can stop kneading when the dough is able to be stretched and extended without falling or cracking apart
    • Try not to go beyond this point and over knead. This can make the final product very dense and hard.

Prepare for the rising period:

  • When done, take some coconut oil and grease the inside of a mixing bowl
  • Then place the dough into the mixing bowl
  • Cover with saran wrap
  • Let the dough rise in a warm place for 1 hour
    • I will raise the temperature of the oven to at least 100°F before turning it off and then place my dough in there to rise
  • After that hour, take the dough and lightly punch it the center to let air escape
    • You will notice that the dough has gotten moist again
    • You will knead a second time until the final product is back to a dry dough that is extendable, stretchable, and holds its shape.

This dough is diverse and can be used for rolls, sandwich bread, pizza/flat breads, and bread design!

In general, this dough will cook through at 400°F for 18-20 minutes. Enjoy!


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