Southwest Shrimp Pasta

Ingredient List
1 jar Alfredo Sauce
Sprinkle – 1/4 teaspoon Chipotle Chili Powder
Dried Parsley or Fresh Cilantro chopped for garnish
1/2 pound Fettuccine
12 ounces Frozen Shrimp
1/2 – 1 cup Frozen Corn
1/2 Red Bell Pepper chopped
Salt and Pepper
1 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper chopped

Southwest Shrimp Pasta (2)

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes.  Especially when I am craving a creamy, rich, and flavorful sauce.  The vegetables make the dish colorful, pleasing to look at, and add to its deliciousness and texture. When I was a young teenager growing up in Phoenix, Arizona we lived next to a very popular place called Desert Ridge Marketplace.  There was a fast casual restaurant that opened up called, “Oodles of Noodles.” My mom’s favorite noodle dish there was fusilli pasta with Parmesan cheese, butter, and peas (which I have a recipe for and will share someday).  Mine was the Southwest Shrimp Pasta.  Oodles of Noodles, unfortunately, only stayed open for a few years before closing its doors.  This is not the exact recipe, but it’s inspired by it. 

Start by prepping the vegetables

  • Chop YELLOW and RED BELL PEPPERS and place them in a mixing bowl
  • Mix all of the ingredients together and then leave aside
  • Side note: You can use any color of bell pepper and regular paprika

Next, boil water in a stock pot and then add FETTUCCINE

  • Bring the heat down to a medium high, stirring occasionally to avoid the pasta from the sticking to the bottom of the pot, and then let cook for about 10-12 minutes
  • Take a strand of pasta and taste-test it to see if it’s at the consistency you like

While the pasta cooks, take another small pot and bring the water to a boil

  • Let these ingredients cook until the shrimp is no longer frozen and has started to turn pink
  • Once the shrimp turns pink immediately drain the water out and leave the corn and shrimp in the colander
  • Add the shrimp and corn to the mixing bowl of bell peppers

At this point, your fettuccine should be or close to being done cooking

  • Drain the fettuccine and leave it in the colander
  • Using the same stock pot the fettuccine was in, put the pot back on medium heat
  • Gently put in the ingredients from the mixing bowl and let them cook for about 2-3 minutes
  • Then pour in ALFREDO SAUCE and mix
  • Finally, add the fettuccine back into the sauce and mix well

Serve with DRIED PARSLEY or FRESH CILANTRO as garnish. Enjoy!

Southwest Shrimp Pasta 3

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