Spiced Black Beans, Corn, and Avocado Layered Dip

Spiced Black Beans, Corn, and Avocado Layered Dip

Using a mixing bowl add in SPICY BLACK BEANS*:

  • Slice 2 AVOCADOS and remove their pits
    • Then slice the flesh horizontally and vertically, scoop out the chunks of avocado, and add them to the black beans
  • Gently mix the ingredients together
  • Cover with POTATO FLOUR and mix again

Using a wok, or frying pan, coat the bottom with GRAPESEED OIL and bring to a high heat:

  • Once hot, lower the heat to medium high and gently scoop spoonfuls of the black bean mixture into the oil
    • The potato flour will create bits of crust within a minute or two

While the black beans cook take a plate and place a circle cookie cutter in the center:

  • Once the black beans are done place them into the cookie cutter using a spoon, or flat utensil, to mold the beans into the cookie cutter
  • Gently remove the cookie cutter so the beans keep their shape
  • Add a dollop of RANCH DRESSING*, PICO DE GALLO*, and sliced AVOCADO (1/2) on top



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