A Satisfying Bowl of Rice (Sauteed Cabbage and Crispy Maple Bacon Rice Bowl)

There really isn’t much to discuss about this recipe other than it is something that is easy-to-make, delicious, and has 3 main ingredients that gives your taste buds comfort.  First, there is the cabbage that is thinly chopped and cooked until softened while absorbing the delicious flavor combination of sauteed onions, garlic powder, and soy…


Our dinner came within 10 minutes and the bowl of ramen that was gifted to me was LARGE, hot, steaming, and so inviting.  Put your face close enough to the bowl and it would have been the most delicious and relaxing facial that you could buy at any spa.  A rich, salty, and oily broth coated every strand of ramen noodle, with a bundle of shredded onions, chopped  and softened cabbage, steamed bean sprouts, a few mushrooms, and thin cuts of marinated meat laying on top. I took my chopsticks and nestled them right in the center of this edible tranquil bath and lifted my first bite of Japanese ramen into my salivating mouth.