Eat This When You Need Something Easy on Your Stomach After Partying Too Hard or When You Are Sleep Deprived Because You’re Raising a Baby/Toddler. (Japanese Noodles with Bean Sprouts, Spring Onions, and Mushrooms in a Light Sesame Chicken Broth [Vegetarian Recipe])

The other night my husband, Jeff, and I caught ourselves living it up like we were in our late 20’s again.  Our son, who is now 2 years old, went to bed relatively early because he is starting to not take naps during the day.  At 9 PM, Jeff and I looked at each other…

Simple Bread with Coconut Oil and Raw Honey

This is a fun recipe to make with your kids, too.  My son, Rayden, who is almost 2 years old, will sit on the kitchen counter and watch me pour in the flour, mix all the wet ingredients together, and then when it is time to knead I’ll hand him a small piece of dough and let him play with it.  Rayden will often try to eat it after he is done playing with it, but, honestly, I’m not worried.  There aren’t any eggs in this recipe or an ingredient that may seem questionable when eaten raw.  Plus, I just love watching him explore and fill his curiosity by playing with foods.  So fun and memorable!  Go ahead and try this simple bread recipe and follow my friend’s, Dor, blog.  I love her perspective on finding quality ingredients to make good food.